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From the beginning of humanity the success of surviving comes from the experience of the elders. They told the story of their journey through life to the tribe. Those that listened and learned from their mistakes and successes got a tailwind as they travelled the same path through life.

This project is about the young people of Greenland and the future of Inuit traditional way of living, which is the identity of the nation. It is the young ones who will protect the identity and bring it into the future for the generation to come. But this identity is under threat due to change in the environment, social behavior and domestic as well as international political landscapes.

Through the millenium it was the normal changes in the nature that forced societies to adapt but to day it is our way of living that is trickering these changes. Industrilised nations emit more and more greenhouse gases to keep up the way of living for big part of us humans. But the negative effect of all this is happening far away from the source. The people of the high arctic are among the first to feel the effect in the nature, caused by industrilised nations far away.

In the year 2017, I travelled around Greenland over a period of 5 months working on a visual/audio project; Piniartoq (The Hunter). It is a project about hunters and their traditions, their culture and the society that have shaped them.​

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