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Bronze is a magical material to work with, much more forgiven than Porcelain because you are guaranteed with some useable resault if all preparation are good.

Like my work with porcelain it is based on the theme My Heritage. 

My research  into the Scandinavian Viking era took me on a journey back in time, to the times of my forefathers the Scandinavian Vikings. It led me to the woodcuts dated from the year 750 - 1200 that I used as a theme for my bronze work.


This project From beginning to end, it took over 2 weeks to create the four art works, and the casting alone took over 4 hours.

There are many steps involved in the process. It started with a 3D scan of my porcelain pillar which was then 3D printed as a plastic pillar. The plastic pillar forms the basis for a mould from which a wax replica of the pillar was produced. The wax pillar was then used to make the final casting mould in which the actual bronze pillar was cast. 


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