Porcelain - over glazed

In 2018 I was invited to attend an art residency at the Ceramic Institute of Jingdezhen. In that residency I chose to work on projects related to my heritage. My research took me on a journey back in time, to the times of my forefathers the Scandinavian Vikings. It led me to the woodcuts dated from the year 750 - 1200 that I used as a theme for my porcelain work. Over the 3 months spent at the residency I truly connected to my heritage through the porcelain and the craftsman of Jingdezhen, China.​

In 2019 I was once again in Jingdezhen to do some more work for over 2 months I experiment with some other paintings.

This piece took 2 weeks to make with 3 different temperature firing. The first firing was made with white background under glaze color the second firing was yellow over glaze color and last firing with multible over glaze colors.