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The System


The story of ancient cultures were written in the infrastructure that hey left behind.

Today, communities are often judged by the quality of the interior they have built up, which could determine which community excelled at a fortunate time.

I have always been interested in human society, how one community works, how it is built up, what it takes to run smoothly and what happens when its part does not work.

A society can be compared to one large and complex system composed of innumerable parts that are its infrastructure. Each of these infrastructures serves a specific purpose, which makes it possible for society to operate on a daily basis.

We, the common citizen, take it for granted and expect everything to work without knowing how much it takes to keep the system running. We live and move in this system almost without knowing it.

It is not until the electricity goes off or when the internet connection does not work that we feel the system. Most we find it when the industries strike. We can take for example that waste people need only be a strike for a few weeks as we really start to feel the system.

It is precisely the infrastructure of the community, the system that I will highlight in this project because an entire society is built on many different internal parts that all work together in one way or another.

I have chosen to photograph these places without people directing our attention to the interior itself. Employees come and go but the place that keeps track of the work it was designed to host remains.

As the project progressed and I began to photograph the more respect I got on the work that each individual often does without knowing that he or she is an important link in maintaining a whole society.

With all this in mind, one begins to realize the great task each government faces in maintaining, improving and upgrading the system so that the ordinary citizen can live without it.

You can say that in the background of daily life is the system that keeps everything running.


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