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Bilde-06-Cheetah_Namibia-COLOUR Photogra

My search for a new challenge in printing lead me back in time, to the beginning of photography and the craft of Photogravure. This technique is considered by many as the ultimo in fine art photography printing.

Photogravure is one of the oldest, most laborious and expensive methods to get a photograph onto paper. It is the very same technique as Edward Curtis used to print all his photographs. Alfred Stieglitz also used this technique when he published the book Camera Work in the early 20th century.

Color photogravures are by far the most challenging to produce, involving 4 copper plates to create a single image. Each plate is assigned its own color in a CMYK color separation. It takes many hours to prepare and print a single print. The outcome is a print that is no longer a photograph, but an Intaglio print that will last for millennium.


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