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Greenlandic Drum dancers

GREENLAND (34).jpg

They say that the rhythm of the drum is the beat of the heart. 

In the year 2017, I travelled around Greenland over a period of 5 months working on a visual/audio project; Piniartoq (The Hunter). It is a project about hunters and their traditions, their culture and the society that have shaped them.

"The drum is an important tool for inuit, that can be found in all inuit groups.

From place to place, the size of the drum varies. The smallest example is the Greenlandic drum. 

The drum is lashed of driftwood, tied together by thick sinew, reinforced by bones or tusks. The skin was preferably of the stomach skin of either polar bear or walrus, called the ‘Eye’. 

The stories, legends, the culture! Have survived in thousands of years in form of drum playing and songs. There were different song types, each with their social functions. Both woman and man played the drum. "

Text from Qaqortoq Museum, Greenland 

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