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The Greates Artist

This photographic project “The Greatest Artist” is about how gravity drives water, pulling it downward to the sea. When it finally seems to reach its goal it escapes this pull by evaporating up to the sky. Then when the circumstances are right it falls as rain and snow in the highlands where it is trapped by the soil and the glaciers. The Journey to the sea starts again, the circle of water never stops.

The aerial photos in the project are taken from an ultra light aircraft flying 150 to 250 meters above the ground. Most of them show some aspect of the rivers in Iceland. There are many types of river in Iceland, from freshwater rivers, glacial rivers to geothermal rivers. Each has its own character and is in constant flux on the way to the sea.

People often ask when they see my aerial photographs printed on fine art paper whether they are paintings, or reproductions of an original painting. My answer is yes, they are reproductions of an original art work captured in real time, while in the making.

I see myself as an art reproduction photographer, making copies of the ever changing canvas, were Nature, the greatest artist of all, works on the never ending art piece, the Earth.


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